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Work with our Talent Pool

It's Customized!

customized employment

Everyone has a place where they can be successful. Our Employment Specialists work with people to discover their skills and talents. We pair those skills and talents with employers in the community and develop jobs where new skills can be acquired.

long lasting employees

Expand your workforce with qualified, dedicated employees supported by B&B Care Services team of professionals. You can feel confident that the B&B Employment Specialists will be there for the life of your employee's career.

A"win-win" Strategy

Team work makes the dream work. This is more than just a moto. Our Employment Specialists will work hand in hand with you and the employee to help achieve mutual success. Let us help you build a qualified, exceptional & inclusive work force while making a difference in someone's life.

job development

Do you think your business could teach people new skill sets? B&B is always looking for small businesses to partner with. Let's explore the opportunities your place of business offers. We believe that all skills are acquired. All skills can be transferable and pave the way for new career opportunities. 

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