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State Funded family support

Family Support is a state-funded program for individuals with Autism and/or Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities designed to broker an array of goods, services, and individualized support needed for the continued care and support of a family member at home and in his/her community. The goals of the program include keeping the family together until the individual chooses to live independently, enhancing the ability to meet the needs of the individual, improving the quality of supports, and making a positive difference in the life of the individual and their family. The principle target of Family Support Services is the family, however the family's eligibility is determined by the presence of the individual with a developmental disability.

Family Support goods and services include respite, community living supports, recreation, therapeutic services, specialized equipment, specialized nutrition, supported employment, medical services, dental services, transportation, and much more.

What Goods and Services are offered through Family Support?

Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP) Applications

Current Family Support Participants, click here to download and complete the IFSP Annual Renewal application.


New Family Support Applicants, click here to download and complete the IFSP & State of Georgia eligibility application.

Family Support Community Access

An array of services that support an individual in being involved in their community, based on his/her needs, wants and preferences.

Family Support Respite Care

A service designed to relieve a family/care giver of physical or emotional stresses associated with the care of the member with a developmental disability by the provision of temporary care of the member with a developmental disability in or out of the home.

Family Support Community Living Support

An array of services to assist an individual to perform activities of daily living.

Family Support Supported Employment

Services to support individuals to become gainfully employed and to maintain their employment in the community.

Medical Care

Services provided by or under the direct supervision of a licensed physician or by other licensed or certified health care professionals, when ordered by a licensed physician.

Specialized Clothing

Services that include the assessment of need, design, construction, fitting and cost of an article of clothing, which is necessitated by the handicapping condition of the individual.


Community Integration Activities

Activities and or goods designed to support the participation of the individual in recreational activities in the community.

Specialized Equipment

Adaptive and therapeutic devices specifically prescribed to meet the  needs of the individual or devices and equipment needed by the family to better provide for the specific needs of the family member.

Specialized Diagnostic Services

Specific investigative procedures determined as needed by the family.

Environmental Modifications

Changes or repairs to the personal home of the family/caregiver that are designed to increase their ability to enhance the development/functioning, health or well being of the individual.

Therapeutic Services

A direct intervention service provided by a licensed therapist aimed at reducing or eliminating physical manifestations of a developmental disability.

Dental Services

The full array of services designed to care for the teeth.


Services utilizing a varied number of specific psychosocial approaches by a licensed counselor for the individual with a developmental disability and/or his/her family.  

Specialized Nutrition

An array of services that include; assessment, planning, counseling, supervision, and provision of specific dietary, nutritional, and feeding needs of the individual with a developmental disability.

Vision Care

A service designed to care for the eyes. Services are provided under the direct supervision of a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist, which are not covered under any vision insurance public and/or private.

Parent Family Training

Information and training for parents/family members to enhance understanding and to better address the needs of the family member who has a developmental disability.

Incontinence Supplies

Any number of incontinence items that may require frequent use due to the individuals developmental disability.

Behavior consultation and support

Professional services which train and support the family in avoiding and/or responding appropriately to behaviors.

Family support transportation

Travel and travel related costs (including subsistence costs) associated with the receipt of a service identified in the plan and documented by the provider to be necessary to meet the needs of the family.

Exceptional disability related living costs

This service is utilized to pay living expenses that are higher than normal due to the nature of the individuals developmental disability.

Financial and life planning assistance

Professional services which assist the family in planning for the future services and/or financial needs of the family member with a developmental disability.

Vehicle adaptation services 

These services include adaptations to the individual's or family's vehicle in order to accommodate the special needs of the individual.

Child daycare and after school services 

These services are specific to after-school programs or child daycare costs at a licensed child care facility or a family's share of such costs for the individual with the disability 

Where does B&B Care Services offer Family Supports?

Contact Us

Email  Family Support by contacting us via email or phone.

The application for Family Support can be emailed or mailed to you for completion.


Application requires a copy of your birth certificate and verification of a diagnosis (IDD/Autism)

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